Starting a Trivet Design

With the weather changing and my last class soon approaching for the fall season at Olds College, I thought I’d do a little video showing a few of the parts of the trivet you’ll learn about in the class. This also gives me a great opportunity to practice my recording and editing skills. Today’s was a good test on my patience as I somehow, when I was almost done with editing, ended up deleting the video. What took me almost two hours of editing ended up with another 45 minutes of re-editing and then the fun of down loading (or uploading) it to my youtube channel. I think I got the subscribe button added ( if not let me know please) One of my goals for 2022 is to add a video at least once a month., which is started in February. February’s was on the 27th , and it was an easy one as I didn’t make it, i was only the person in it though. My friend Martin Brewer is the one who recorded and edited it back in 2005. Today’s was recorded a few weeks ago and edited today. Hope you like the video, and as they say ‘don’t forget to hit the subscribe button’.

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