Christmas Virtual Market

With most of the markets closed due to covid restrictions, I am happy to say I am part of this wonderful virtual Christmas market going on till December 19/2020 please feel free to check it out and support local artisans, crafters and businesses this Christmas. Stay safe everyone and Merry Christmas

Red Deer Festival of Trees gift shop cancelled:going virtual for auctions

I have to say 2020 has not been easy trying to adapt and find new ways to sell my iron work . The only Christmas market that I was going to do this year was the Red Deer Festival of Trees, but it has unfortunately been cancelled this week and had gone to a virtual platform . Today was suppose to be opening day and I was going to make Christmas masks to wear for my volunteer days in their gift shop. I had it all planned out. This event is still going on virtually for the trees and auction but not for the gift shop. Which is a shame since it was a win, win situation where locals could come in and buy at the gift shop which supports the hospital and also local artisans and crafters. But with the rising covid numbers in Alberta it was decided to do a virtual only event. I understand why but I am sad for everyone involved who had been counting on this event. So as I mulled this over the last week I decided to update my website square store and start adding the items I would have been selling at the Red Deer Festival of Trees and from today November 14 to December 14 any ironwork sold from the store I will be giving a 10% donation to the Red Deer Festival of Trees. Hopefully the store site has updated properly and is working (please let me know what you think of the site since I’m not a computer tech savvy kinda smith) I know I’m only one artisan but I want to do something to help out this wonderful event who helps out our local hospital and who also has given many artisans and crafters a platform to sell our pieces as well. This whole year has been trying for many of us, that I have decided to look on the positive side of this and hopefully others who had also been looking forward to selling their pieces in the gift shop will find a way to pass on the Christmas cheer as well! FYI “my store” and my Etsy store links are in the menu listing on the website. 👍🔨🎄

Blacksmith Classes

The Art of Blacksmithing courses at RDC Series Summer Arts School.

July 13-17,2020

July 20-24 , 2020

February 22, 2020

Fundamental Forging II

Olds College

Art Welding Class Blog 2019

I’m super excited that in a couple of days I’ll be starting the Art Welding Class at Red Deer College. I was fortunate this year to be given an arts grant from the city of Lacombe to take this class. This was my first time writing up a proposal for an arts grant and I totally understand the difficulty and stress now in going through this process. I can’t wait to see how this will benefit and compliment my blacksmithing. The college decided to add another class in the last week with how much interest there was this year for this class, which I am grateful for as I was on the waiting list myself. Unfortunately I had a fall on Thursday night and have injured my right leg( I’m waiting for the xrays but the doctor is optimistic) I can’t put a lot of weight on it yet and I’m being good ( under the watchful eye of my husband ) to keep leg up and not to force it too much for the next couple of days. It’s been fun trying to get use to using crutches. I’m still going to the class but I may be a little slower moving. It’s going to be a challenge next week but I’m up for it. I’ll be writing about my daily adventures on instagram and posting here and with photos in what I’m doing. I have several ideas on what it is I want to try with the 3D welding I’m hoping my teacher is up for this 👍