My First Blacksmith Meeting

So today is a blustery snowy day outside and my plans of travel had been derailed or rather I have been snowed in and the RCMP recommended not going anywhere that wasn’t of importance, and so, my shopping could wait. Today became a day of relaxing and puttering, or playing in the snow with the dog, and of also reminiscing of days gone by which got me hunting for a DVD that I haven’t seen in a few years( that’s for another blog). And as I partially ran sacked my office and living room I came across an old pamphlet from 2001. And boy did it bring me back to a simpler time. My first ever blacksmith meeting with the Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association , January 20th , 2001. It was a big meeting, over 40 blacksmiths where there at a large metal shop and it had been snowing pretty good across most of the province. What would have been a pleasant 6 hour drive the day before ended up being a white knuckled steering wheel gripper 9 hour drive with me following a semi most of the way so I could find the road. And I was also sick as a dog but I had bullied my job into letting me have the Friday off and I wasn’t missing this for the world s meds from the doctor and Buckley’s in my veins I was off on an adventure and I’m glad I did make the trip. Watching Lorelei Sims make those long stemmed close tipped roses was amazing and it made me realize I wanted to be a blacksmith. That was my first step down this whimsy curly road of blacksmithing . And I also met my future mentor, Robert Vaughan there and many awesome smiths I have had the pleasure of sharing a fire with. If I ever wonder if the last 21 years have been worth it, all I have to do is remember that wide eyed young woman sitting in the front row, watching in awe of this amazing lady blacksmith creating those beautiful roses out of simple pieces of metal with a hammer and fire and I know deep down that the answer will always be Yes.

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