Spring/Summer Classes

Blacksmithing classes starting in April 2022: Days are subject to availability, please contact Henrietta for open dates and PPE that is required. Classes begin at 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. As the location is out of town please remember to bring a lunch.

One day Classes : $195.00 per person (dates to be confirmed with student/teacher)

-make a Fire poker

– horse shoe heart

-keychain hanger with 4 hooks riveted on

-basic tools for your forge: watering can handle, sml fire poker , fullering tool,

– necklace pieces: heart or swirl, or trolls cross or Thoras hammer or sml cross  and make the necklace piece also 

– J hook with a leaf end 

– half Shepard’s hook 

-fire striker ( includes basic kit) 

-garden gate handles

-steak flipper/s hook to hang it on

Two day classes:$350.00 per person

-tong making/with rivet set

-making a basic decorative grill, square

-making a trivet with decorative leaves and collaring , round

** And I am always open to suggestions if there is something else you would like to learn.


Decorative Blacksmithing – Creating an Ornamental Grill – All levels : One week classes, July 18-22 and July 25-29 2022




HERITAGE BLACKSMITH CLASSES: **To be updated soon. **

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