Lacombe Blacksmith Shop Museum virtual tour !

I had a wonderful surprise in my Facebook feed of an amazing virtual tour the lacombe historical society is doing to wrap up/celebrate their 50th anniversary and it’s about the Blacksmirh Shop Museum. I didn’t know they where going to be doing such a cool exhibition and to see a quote from me on the front of it totally caught me by surprise. Yes, I’m tooting my own horn too so watch out foe the high notes. I was asked to do an interview this year about blacksmithing and the museum and I was honoured to do so. Some of that interview is in this exhibit. If you get a chance to check this virtual tour out please do so. If you love blacksmithing like I do and the history of it you won’t be disappointed. Oh and let me know what you think of it also. Have a great week y’all. . Link is below.

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