Hammer – In Invite



AUGUST 14, 2021

The Lacombe Blacksmith Shop invites Blacksmiths from around Alberta to join them in a Hammer-in during AB Open Farm Days August 14th & 15th, 2021 from 10am to 4pm. The goal of this special event is make a ornate fence for the Learning Garden at the Michener House Museum in Lacombe. Blindman Brewery will be on site for the weekend, as well as an artisan market. Metal supplies and lunch will be provided, please bring your own tools.

Please also come out and celebrate one of our leading blacksmiths, Henrietta’s 20 birthday this year as a blacksmith.

If you are a blacksmith and want to join us and help make a piece for the fencing during this year’s hammer-in, please contact:

Henrietta Verwey, volunteer blacksmith at the Lacombe Blacksmith Shop at ironsunsetforge@gmail.com or by calling 403-392-3406.

DATE & TIME: During AB Open Farm Days August 14th 10am to 4pm

LOCATION: Lacombe Blacksmith Shop, 5020 49 Street, Lacombe AB



The Lacombe Blacksmith Shop is the oldest operating blacksmith shop in Alberta and was built in 1902. Here, Volunteer Blacksmiths keep the tradition alive by firing up the forge and handcrafting a variety of items by heating up iron in the forge and hammering the metal on the anvil. 

During the summer months, visitors get to see firsthand how traditional Blacksmiths worked in the shop. While you’re there pick up handmade souvenirs including cedar shingles custom branded by our blacksmiths with your name or home address! 

Please check our website and social media accounts for more information as Reopening Plans for 2021 are underway and changes frequently. You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter on our website to keep in the know. 

www.lacombemuseum.com or @lacombemuseumson social media outlets 

Lacombe & District Historical Society

5036 – 51 Street​​403-782-3933

Lacombe Alberta, T4L 1W2www.lacombemuseum.com

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