Office day/Aka too hot to be in the shop day

Today I stayed in and I have a feeling there will be a few more days inside due to the heat level outside. I love heat but 30 plus degrees Celsius for a week is a bit much. So I’ve been doing the office/computer stuff and have updated my Etsy store, which I have decided to make as my main store instead of several different ones on different platforms (way too much work involved and I wasn’t keeping up with it either) And I’ve also been working on connecting all of my platforms, well the few I am on. (The YouTube channel for now I’m still working on) Facebook with Instagram with etsy and my website. Because as we all know blacksmiths are so tech savvy 😉. After adding another piece to my Etsy store today and making myself a sugar free mojito 👍, I found a site that I can use to connect my Instagram to my other sites ( why Instagram won’t allow more than one workable link on my page is beyond me) I could jump through some insane hoops to get them all connected or I could just add a link to a platform that will have access to all of my sites. And the less insanely stressful way is the winner. The fact that I’m actually using tech terms , all be it basic ones, is mind boggling considering a year and a half ago I couldn’t even figure out how to use zoom. I guess blacksmiths can learn new things. Here’s the link if your interested :

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