During this time all Blacksmithing classes have been cancelled and will resume again in October at Olds College, stay tuned for more information on upcoming classes at the college> If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. stay safe everyone.

November 16-17,2019

Blacksmith two day class, learn how to make punches and chisels and create a project with your new hand made tools at olds college

June 1 2019

Blacksmith class at my forge

Basic blacksmithing 101:

Learn how to make a fire poker and small J hook to hang it on, just in time for camping season. Cost is 225.00 per student. The class is from 10:00 -4:00. You will learn how to draw out and taper metal as well as making a fish tail scroll and learn to twist metal. Students will need to have closed toed (preferably steel toed) shoes/boots. 100% cotton clothing with long sleeved shirt. Safety glasses and leather gloves. No hairspray and hair tied back . A student waiver will need to be signed before class begins. There are only 2 places available for this class. If you have any questions or wish to sign up for this class please feel free to contact me:

As of 2018 I’ll be doing blacksmithing classes at Olds College:

More info for upcoming blacksmith classes will be added soon

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