Cleaning up the shop….

So as I start to tidy up the shop for the next project, which hasn’t been decided, my husband suggested that now would be a good idea to do some repairs on things too. A fellow blacksmith, Dennis , had popped in last week for a visit and suggested a cool idea for my portable vise and table. I’ve had this set up for over fifteen years and it’s been through a lot of changes but I still seemed to have an issue with it shifting a lot. Dennis’ cool idea was to weld some angle iron to it. I know a simple idea and one I should have thought of but when you’ve done something one way for so long it takes a new set of eyes sometimes. Forest; trees ; that sort of thing . So with help from my hunny we got it sorted and I did a some welding to the table. It looks great and seems to be holding up👍. Thanks Dennis for the idea. Now back to cleaning the shop ….. till I find something else to fix 😉

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