The last few months in the smithy.

The last few months have been busy at the shop.  Over the holidays I had the opportunity to sell my art at the local Christmas market which kept me busy . I also joined a local women’s entrepreneur group which I have enjoyed and learned a lot from in the last two months.  As a late Christmas present I received a propane forge that we bought from a local albertan blacksmith shop ( front step forge). I have to say that it has helped improve productivity and I’ve been able to go out to the shop on even really cold days and get things going. With out a chimney in the shop it made it difficult on really cold days to do anything since I would have to drag my forge outside to smith. Bring only able to smith for a few hours till it was too cold didn’t make for a productive day in the shop or rather out of the shop. Happily I can stay out of the cold weather and wind now and more is getting done. I just have to learn to pace myself since the metal heats up faster then it does in the coal forge, I found that on the first day of full use I did about two days worth in almost five hours . I also found that my hammering arm was not happy with me by the end of the day either.

One of the goals I set for myself was to have my iron work in at least 3 stores this year and I can say I’m off to a good start. The local balloon shop has offered to showcase one of my roses with my cards for people to call me for orders, which is awesome👍 Thank you Balloons Galore in sylvan lake !!  And I also opened up a page at to sell some pieces on.  Feel free to check the new page out and let me know what to think. Under search just put  ironsunsetforge .  I’ve started working on some sets of medieval cutlery and I have almost completed a set of numbers for a local restaurant in lacombe, cilantro and chive. I’ll place pictures on the gallery when they are done.  My other goal this year will be to try and do more blogs about the forge and the cool things I’m up to. Till then have fun striking the iron everyone.

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